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Customer Testimonials

  • Stacie B

    " It seems that each time I come there is a new lotion scent. which makes my monthly visit that much more exciting. I think my favorite one is the Hempz Coconut & watermelon it smells so yummy and makes me feel like I am in Hawaii on the beach. My hands have never looked so healthy"

  • Krista R

    " Got my eyes done for a Halloween party to match my witch costume. I got a ton of compliments on my glittery magical eyes"

  • Karen L

    "I brought my little girl in for a mommy daughter date, she had her nails painted, and got to have glitter sprayed into her hair. She had fun picking which glitter color, nail stickers, etc.. Her hair lasted all day and was easy to wash out and she kept showing me her nails and saying "look how pretty"! "

  • Martha C

    " I brought my granddaughters in to get there nails painted for there birthday, they each got a birthday gift and a glitter star on there cheek to celebrate.  They had such a fun time"

  • Anonymous

    " I am so embarrassed by my toe nails they have turned a yellowish color over the years. A friend referred me to Sugar N Spice Services because they offer nail whitening treatments (I thought only teeth could be whitened).  Katy asked me a few questions and suggested the staining could have been caused from all the dark polish colors I love and not wearing a base coat.  We did a few treatments and it lightened the color of my nails where I can feel more comfortable. I now wear a base coat to help protect them. Thanks Katy"

  • Rebecca K

    "I have super sensitive skin & was super stressed from my work week.  Katy used hypo allergenic friendly products for my pedicure and offered to diffuse lavender to help me relax and unwind with out having the oils on my skin."

  • Cindy R

    " I had the worst headache ever and was running behind to my appointment. At least I had my Manicure and Pedicure to look forward to.  Katy had created a all natural organic service for me using peppermint oil.  By the end of the visit my headache was gone and I smelled as good as her room did."

  • Janet W

    "I have week nails and can not come in to get my nails done as often as I would like. Sugar N Spice Services offered me a miracle in a bottle called Repair RXx which bonds with my nail keratin to make them stronger. I can already feel and see a difference. It was in my budget allowing me to take care of them at home. Oh and it smells so good!!!

  • Anonymous

    "As I have gotten older the skin on my hands has developed age spots along with defined wrinkles. During my visit Katy used CND Cuticle Eraser on my finger nails and told me how the blend of alpha hydroxy acids and micro-exfoliation keeps my skin young and healthy with the anti aging benefits. Her boutique had some so I took one home with me.  I use it every day twice a day, I love it!"

  • Brooke C

    “Cuticle Eraser is amazing it helps soften the skin & condition the nail plate it’s great for over all nail health”-

  • Liz K

    “The Solar Oil gives a nice finish touch to your nails and nourishes your skin and cuticles"

  • Melissa H

    “ Solar Oil is Awesome! I love how nice my cuticles are after using it. It really helps keep them from drying out and tearing"

  • Monica J

    "As a mom of 7 my life can be super busy, my daughter had a birthday party to go to and I did not have enough time to shop. I called Katy up and asked if she could put together a gift bag for a girl turning 14 with a budget of $20.00 and that I also wanted a gift card for $20.00 to go with the gift.  She not only did a fantastic job but had it all ready in 1 hour so I could pick it up and drop off my daughter at the party right on time"

  • Sami S

    "Around Christmas time, I had no idea what to get my mom. She’s a full-time, very stressed, Spanish teacher. I then recalled how in practically every moment she had a chance to stop and relax, she would always talk about getting her nails done, because that’s how she likes to pamper herself. Thanks to Sugar and Spice Services, I was able to give her that opportunity with a gift card. Although she hasn’t had time to redeem it just yet, she is still looking forward to it, and it’s something that keeps her going while fighting off the stress"

  • Megan H

    "SNS goes above and beyond to create an exceptional experience beyond expectations. I am thrilled my husband surprised me with a gift Card to SNS, the Ultimate Pedicure was amazing, and I am now in love with Shellac. Thank you!!!! "

  • Alissa G

    "I love that you are Honest & upfront with everything. Keep this up because people really appreciate knowing what they are getting!!"

  • Jenny S

    "The owner takes great pride in making sure your experience is perfect! Her salon is private and relaxing. She's great at creating a spa like atmosphere"

  • Kami B

    " I love the relaxing atmosphere and professional attention to details

  • Shannon H

    "You have been so great. Thank you! So Professional & very Friendly. You really know how to make someone feel special "

  • Laura G

    " Thank you for this wonderful Birthday Experience!!!"

  • Anonymous

    "I had been in the hospital for several months, restricted to my room and in desperate need of nail TLC for both hands and feet. My husband found Sugar N Spice Services online and called because of the mobile services. Katy drove all the way to the hospital, came in toting bags full of her nail stuff to take care of me. She was very sweet, careful, and patient as I was in a frail fragile condition. Not only did my nails look better with a night and day difference, but I felt so much better, I felt like a human again"

  • Jill S

    "I hosted a bridal shower for a close friend at my home, Katy was great to work with ahead of time, she came to my home and provided pedicure services for all my friends, she brought with her a small staff of trusted nail ladies, all the supplies, and even brought a goodie for all the gals "

  • Kimberly C

    "Body glitter tattoos are fun. They last for about 5 days. Fun for all ages. My Daughter loves them."

  • Christie C

    When I was originally looking for someone to use a particular product on my nails I looked online and was directed to the Sugar and Spice website. I was very impressed with how professional the website was and looked forward to my first visit. When I met Katy at her salon, I was definitely not disappointed. She is so personable and knowledgeable about all her products. She offers a wide variety of services and always has a new idea to share. Her salon is a fun, innovative surprise and after my first visit I was already looking forward to my next visit. I highly recommend Katy and her services.

  • Zina W

    "I went to Sugar N Spice Services for an IBX Treatment , it helped my nails so much, it was a short appointment so it’s perfect to do when you  don’t have lots of time. The repairs on my nails looked great! And Felt Great! Thanks so much Katy "

  • Andrea S

    "The IBX treatment did wonders for my nails. They usually have ridges and sometimes peel. But since the treatment they are dramatically more smooth and feel much stronger. I have really enjoyed what the IBX treatment has done for me"

  • Meg Z.

    " I just had the treatment done for the first time, and I can’t believe how wonderful my nails look! I had my shellac removed and, like usual for me, my nails were starting to peel. A quick application of the IBX Repair and Strengthen treatments sealed the peeling edges, filled in the small ridges I had developed, and made my nails look like I’ve been pampering them all my life"

  • Candice Chamberlain

    Everything met my expectations I loved it and I will be back

  • Sasheen H

    "I Loved the Cucumber & Green Tea Eye De-fuffing Treatment it felt so good and my eyes felt better after; this is a great spa style upgrade service"

  • Kimberly C

    "Extended massage is wonderful. Being a massage therapist it was a delight to have someone take the time to pamper me. Katy ask for tips to make the experience more than just good. She is so passionate about pampering."

  • Jennifer J

    "  During the summer season my heels get thick with callus and make me self conscious about being bare footed.  I got a pedicure to help and Katy recommended a  Callus Removal Treatment to get rid of the extra callus. It took about 10 min extra but was well worth it. It was nice to have healthy heels I did not have to hide. I could not believe all the callus that came off so gross. It was worth the extra money to upgrade and get this treatment. Now I am ready for Sandal Season. "

  • Holly W

    " Very Professional Comfortable, warm & Welcoming experience“

  • Cheryl E

    "I am very happy with the experience today"-

  • Brittany B

    "My Skin Care concern is my hands they are always dry and used to crack and even bleed sometimes. I went to Sugar N Spice Services, they gave me a free consultation and recommended I do a Hot Oil Treatment including a Spa Style Hot Paraffin Wax Dip. My hands never felt so smooth and baby soft, now I do this every few weeks and it keeps my hands nice and soft“

  • Kristy H

    "This was the best Pedicure experience I have ever had. I loved the massage and the Wax Dip! I will definitely recommend Sugar N Spice Services"

  • Darren S

    "I purchased a gift basket from Sugar N Spice. The basket was great! I wanted to get something nice for my wife, and Katy did not disappoint. She loved it, and had a great time being pampered. The basket itself was very nice, and actually had more in it than I had expected. I whole-heartedly recommend Katy's services to any guy whose wife likes to be taken care of. I have also purchased gift certificates for my daughters. Katy is so wonderful, making them feel special as they get their nails done. I love the excitement in their eyes when they come home after visiting Sugar N Spice."

  • Brooke H

    "Buying a gift certificate from Sugar and Spice Salon was such an easy and quick process. As a husband, I really wasn't too familiar with all the services my wife could expect at Katy's salon. Katy helped me understand some of the things my wife might enjoy. And now she can go and get pampered the exact way she wants!"

  • Cheryl H

    “Just moving to an new area is cause for stress.... new hair person, nail person, dentist, doctor.... all the important things! Finding Katy was a blessing. She was able to manage my nails with silk wraps, which I'd had previously. For me silk wraps are the answer. They ensure my own nails are stronger and protect them without the feeling of 'heaviness' that I seem to feel from other choices. As it's applied to the nail in small, extremely thin strip-like layers, then sealed, my nails retain the look of a natural nail, not thick and bulky as many I've seen do. She's applied both regular polish and Gel polish over the wraps and both work well. Thanks Katy for all your time and effort!"

  • Laura G

    "So far this has been the best Salon Experience I've ever had! So thanks! I love the one on one attention, I don't feel rushed and it's less intimidating than a corporate salon. Absolutely loved it! I will definitely be telling my sisters and friends about this !"

  • Lauren D

    "I loved the hand massage & expertise"

  • Samantha B

    "Honestly there is nothing that would have made my experience more amazing than it was. So Thank You!!!!"

  • Maran S

    "You go above and beyond you did an amazing job, everything you did today was perfect. Thank You."

  • Valarie C

    "Had such a great experience here. I went to get my nails done for some family pictures being done on the beach. A couple days before my appointment I broke a portion of my toe nail. I was all upset that my toes would not be picture perfect. Katy truly was a miracle worker. Once she was done with me you would have never guessed I was missing a portion of my nail. She truly takes pride in what she does."

  • Liz K

    "I came and received a pedicure pampering before my third baby was born. Katy was wonderful. She made sure I was comfortable (being 38 weeks Pregnant), I was relaxed & enjoyed my time to myself. I loved my color on my toes. The Pedicure was great and she cleaned up all my callus on my feet. Katy is wonderful and you don’t have to feel like you will have those weird awkward silences. She is great to talk to and have a good laugh with"

  • Melissa C

    "Katy is very professional about what she does and takes great care in her work. She has a pleasant personality that is easy to be around. I had a relaxing pedicure and some awesome nail art done too. Very cute! I was pleased with the results and have received many compliments. You've got to check out SNS!"

  • Steve B

    "Thank u so much for everything. It is nice to walk around with no pain. I could stay here forever I am so relaxed"

  • Heather D

    "I just got an amazing pedicure from the Amazing Katy Lambson Hancock from Sugar N Spice Services! Thanks Katy!"

  • Megan H

    "SNS goes above and beyond to create an exceptional experience beyond expectations. I am thrilled my husband surprised me with a gift Card to SNS, the Ultimate Pedicure was amazing, and I am now in love with Shellac. Thank you!!!!"

  • Kirsteen M

    "My Feet Feel Like they have gone to Heaven"

  • Nicole B

    "It was perfect best most comfortable experience I have ever had for a Pedicure"

  • Kristy H

    "This was the best Pedicure experience I have ever had. I loved the massage and the Wax Dip! I will definitely recommend Sugar N Spice Services"

  • Kirsteen M

    "I felt like a Celebrity getting my Services done, she spoils you so.. so.. much. I was having some allergies and she even got me an Alavert to help what a doll"

  • Kelly V

    "I Loved the pedicure I received from Katy! It was a fabulous experience in a relaxing spa environment filled with soothing music, botanical scents, and refreshing treats. The headache I had when I first arrived was completely gone by the end of the foot treatment. The French Tip Polish was perfect and exactly what I wanted"

  • Kayli P

    "You did a Great Job, Better than I've had in a very long time, I will absolutely Recommend Sugar N Spice Services"

  • Janet W

    "I had a wonderful foot treatment here. Katy (the owner) treats you so much better than the average nail salons do. Expect to be pampered here! I entered stressed and tired, and left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated"

  • Hope O

    "Really amazing experience definitely coming back. It's Comfy chair, relaxing environment"

  • Amanda H

    "This was perfection-HONESTLY can't thank you enough!!!!"

  • Rachelle D

    "Everything was great Above and Beyond what I expected“

  • Evelyn N

    "It was Fantastic and I can't wait to come back!"

  • Emily W

    "I Felt it was a wonderful experiences, It was a nice relaxing great time there could be nothing better done.“

  • Marie W

    "Loved the Products and setting"

  • Kirsten M

    "Very impressed with you and your services it was a pleasure to spend the morning being pampered"

  • Melissa H

    “My daughter and I got Custom Disney Nails at Sugar N Spice Services before our Disneyland Trip. Katy made the whole experience Magical! We listed to Disney songs & had treats! Loved getting our Nail pictures with Minnie & Belle at the Park”

  • Lexi R

    "I had the wonderful opportunity to have my nails done by Katy. The Shellac on my nails are so perfect the modern texture type trend does not bother me at all. I thought trying texture might feel annoying but I can’t even tell. The Free-hand nail art roses are so precise and beautiful. My Shellac toes are so simple yet nothing like I have ever seen before; the silver foil doesn't cover up the smooth mint color behind it while adding flair to my look. Silver foil was the perfect color combo choice as they really complement each other. I thought adding the foil might add texture or feel rough , it’s smooth and well.. PERFECT!!!"

  • Andrea S

    “This was my first time with Shellac, It is beautiful it looks really shiny, bright & pretty. It feels really smooth and has a natural durable thickness to it. The Shellac makes my nails feel really elegant, but they feel super strong. I think I might be addicted!!!"

  • Alissa G

    "I think it's Great how many colors you have"

  • Brooke C

    "She is so amazing. I love her detail to every bit and piece of everything. She goes above in every detail“

  • Krystine H

    A Jewel in Saratoga Springs! I'm so glad that I found Sugar N' Spice! Katy is an absolute professional! She is up-to-date on the trends and newest products available. I've received both Shellac and the cracked/shattered look for my nails here. I've been thoroughly satisfied with the service I received each time. I knew it was a salon located in her home and was pleasantly surprised by how she's literally dedicated a room [in her home] to be transformed into a state-of-the art nail salon. Relaxing atmosphere and pleasant decor. You get complimentary chilled beverage and 5 minute massage each time you go. Plus she frequently has promotions that are announced on her company's Facebook page. I've bought products from her wholesale stock too-a bargain. I've taken appointments during the day, evening and weekend. Katy really knows how to treat a client well and that's why I keep going back to Sugar N' Spice Nail Salon! I would highly recommend you give Sugar N' Spice a try, you'll be glad that you did!"

  • Destiny R

    "I was in Aahh the whole time, Everything was amazing"

  • Brittany T

    I'm very shy about my hands, so I was a little nervous about getting my nails done for my senior prom. I had heard about Shellac and wanted to give it a try. Katy helped me feel comfortable and made me feel like I was practically family. She talked with my mom and I the whole time and helped me relax and didn't judge how bad my cuticles were. In fact she gave me a few tips on how to help them heal. Though out my time there she was making sure I wasn't in any pain, and that I was as comfortable as possible. The atmosphere was very soothing and the stress of my upcoming date seemed to melt away. I love how my nails turned out, and I constantly get compliments on the. I'll be back again for sure!“

  • Kami L

    "If you have not tired out Sugar N Spice Services DO IT SOON! I enjoyed is so much. Walking in the door I was treated so special. I have not had a manicure in my life! I just figured the day to day wear and tear on my fingernails would make it just a waste of time and money since the polish would chip so soon after I had my nails painted-So I tried Shellac- and I have been so happy with the outcome, the Shellac lasted over 30 days in spite of all the cleaning and things I do. The Shellac polish stayed beautiful right though it all. The hand massage was the best and the mint Chocolate lotion was great! I left Feeling so relaxed, pampered and happy. The whole experience was great and I could not wait to go back. Thanks Katy for the Special Pampering and great job you did. I will be back over and over again. You can be sure of that!"

  • Brooke C

    “Katy is awesome at nail design! I was so impressed with her creativity. She was able to do many custom options. She has the tools and the know how to do just about anything!“

  • Trica M.

    "Katy Makes you feel like you are the most important person as soon as you step into her salon. I look forward to my time there and can't wait for my next appt. She makes pampering yourself easy and fun! Got Shellac on my nails . You always make my time here at SNS exceptional."

  • Stefani B. K.

    "I have been a client of Sugar N Spice for four months. Each time I have been greeted warmly, been throughly pampered and left relaxed, happy and smelling great. Sugar N Spice is a great place to relax, unwind and be spoiled. There are always fun new products,promotions and even free gifts. Make an appointment today. You will be glad you did!"