Sugar N Spice Custom Gift Packages

We offer custom created gift packages. Pre-order 1 week ahead recommended. Perfect for Holidays, special occasions, get wells, congratulations, birthdays and more. We will customize a gift tailored to your budget and the person it's for.  Gift Wrapping included. 

Custom Gift Testimonials

  • Monica J

    "As a mom of 7 my life can be super busy, my daughter had a birthday party to go to and I did not have enough time to shop. I called Katy up and asked if she could put together a gift bag for a girl turning 14 with a budget of $20.00 and that I also wanted a gift card for $20.00 to go with the gift.  She not only did a fantastic job but had it all ready in 1 hour so I could pick it up and drop off my daughter at the party right on time"

  • Sami S

    "Around Christmas time, I had no idea what to get my mom. She’s a full-time, very stressed, Spanish teacher. I then recalled how in practically every moment she had a chance to stop and relax, she would always talk about getting her nails done, because that’s how she likes to pamper herself. Thanks to Sugar and Spice Services, I was able to give her that opportunity with a gift card. Although she hasn’t had time to redeem it just yet, she is still looking forward to it, and it’s something that keeps her going while fighting off the stress"

  • Megan H

    "SNS goes above and beyond to create an exceptional experience beyond expectations. I am thrilled my husband surprised me with a gift Card to SNS, the Ultimate Pedicure was amazing, and I am now in love with Shellac. Thank you!!!! "

  • Darren S

    "I purchased a gift basket from Sugar N Spice. The basket was great! I wanted to get something nice for my wife, and Katy did not disappoint. She loved it, and had a great time being pampered. The basket itself was very nice, and actually had more in it than I had expected. I whole-heartedly recommend Katy's services to any guy whose wife likes to be taken care of. I have also purchased gift certificates for my daughters. Katy is so wonderful, making them feel special as they get their nails done. I love the excitement in their eyes when they come home after visiting Sugar N Spice."

  • Brooke H

    "Buying a gift certificate from Sugar and Spice Salon was such an easy and quick process. As a husband, I really wasn't too familiar with all the services my wife could expect at Katy's salon. Katy helped me understand some of the things my wife might enjoy. And now she can go and get pampered the exact way she wants!"