Pedicure Services

Cuticle, skin and nail care performed on the feet.  We offer three levels of service based on your skin and nail care needs-ask for our professional recommendation.

Dry: $20

Bare Essential skin and nail care.
This service provides cuticle care, clipping, filing and shaping of the nail, a light buff, solar oil. We complete your Shellac services with CND solar oil and CND anti aging serum to condition cuticles and finish with a relaxing massage with our lotion scent of the month. (no polish)

Basic: $40

Maintain cuticle, skin & nail care with a soak, massage, polish, cuticle care, clipping, filing and shaping of the nail.  The perfect water temperature to soothe you as you soak your stress away with a vibrating basin. This is followed by a moisturizing massage to relax muscles and soften skin. Next nails are polished to perfection. We complete your service with CND solar oil and CND anti-aging to condition cuticles.

Ultimate: $55

Lavish in luxury to spoil your cuticles, skin and nail care with skin softening fix and bubbling mineral salts, exfoliate, paraffin dip, polish effect
cuticle care, clipping, filing and shaping of the nail, the perfect water temperature to soothe you as you soak your stress away with a vibrating basin we start with a skin softening fizz rich with vitamin E and Grape-seed oils, next we nourish skin with mineral traces found in our bubbling bath salts from the Great Salt Lake which cocoon the skins. Next we use a gentle sugar scrub to removing dead skin tissue, and restore a healthy skin color that glows with health. A delightful moisturizing massage relaxes muscles and soften skin, to lock in moisture, and provide deep conditioning for longer lasting softness we do a paraffin dip this also increases blood circulation to promote healthy skin and nail growth, Nails are polished to perfection with the freedom of adding a complimentary effect polish such as a shimmer, sparkle or glitter. We complete your service with CND solar oil and CND anti-aging to condition cuticles.

Pedicure Upgrades

Skin Care:
  • Cucumber Green Tea Eye Pads $5.00
  • Essential Oils $5.00 per oil
  • Callus Removal $10.00
  • Extended Massage $10.00 10 extra min
  • Paraffin Wax Treatment $20.00
Nail Services :
  • IBX Treatment $10.00
  • Polish $15.00
  • Shellac $25.00
Nail Art:
  • Gems $1 each
  • Pearls $1 each
  • Crystals $1 each
  • Stickers $1 each
  • Stamps $3 each
  • Foils $3 Each
  • Glitter $5
  • Ombre Colors $7
  • Additives $7
  • Effects $7
  • Color Fades $10
  • Glitter Fades $10
  • Artistic Tie Die $10
  • French Tips $10
Pedicure Image Gallery

Pedicure Service Testimonials

  • Liz K

    "I came and received a pedicure pampering before my third baby was born. Katy was wonderful. She made sure I was comfortable (being 38 weeks Pregnant), I was relaxed & enjoyed my time to myself. I loved my color on my toes. The Pedicure was great and she cleaned up all my callus on my feet. Katy is wonderful and you don’t have to feel like you will have those weird awkward silences. She is great to talk to and have a good laugh with"

  • Melissa C

    "Katy is very professional about what she does and takes great care in her work. She has a pleasant personality that is easy to be around. I had a relaxing pedicure and some awesome nail art done too. Very cute! I was pleased with the results and have received many compliments. You've got to check out SNS!"

  • Steve B

    "Thank u so much for everything. It is nice to walk around with no pain. I could stay here forever I am so relaxed"

  • Heather D

    "I just got an amazing pedicure from the Amazing Katy Lambson Hancock from Sugar N Spice Services! Thanks Katy!"

  • Megan H

    "SNS goes above and beyond to create an exceptional experience beyond expectations. I am thrilled my husband surprised me with a gift Card to SNS, the Ultimate Pedicure was amazing, and I am now in love with Shellac. Thank you!!!!"

  • Kirsteen M

    "My Feet Feel Like they have gone to Heaven"

  • Nicole B

    "It was perfect best most comfortable experience I have ever had for a Pedicure"

  • Kristy H

    "This was the best Pedicure experience I have ever had. I loved the massage and the Wax Dip! I will definitely recommend Sugar N Spice Services"

  • Kirsteen M

    "I felt like a Celebrity getting my Services done, she spoils you so.. so.. much. I was having some allergies and she even got me an Alavert to help what a doll"

  • Kelly V

    "I Loved the pedicure I received from Katy! It was a fabulous experience in a relaxing spa environment filled with soothing music, botanical scents, and refreshing treats. The headache I had when I first arrived was completely gone by the end of the foot treatment. The French Tip Polish was perfect and exactly what I wanted"