Silk Wrap Nails: $65

A nail enhancement for the natural nail. High quality pieces of actual fiberglass or silk fabric are custom fit on the surface of the nail in several layers of resin to seal down the fabric and then cured with an activator spray. These services are an alternative for those who are allergic to chemicals used in the acrylic or gel process. We complete your services by adding solar oil, an anti serum to your cuticles and finish with a relaxing hand massage in the lotion of the month. Time: 2 - 3 hours

( Silk Wraps are offered only to those with medical need for nail enhancements)

Silk Wrap Back Fills $45

Recommended at 2 weeks growth a silk wrap back-fill removes the defined growth line and replaces the growth with a silk fill that is than blended into each nail to look like a newly done set. 1-2 hours

Silk Wrap Upgrades

  • Gems $1 each
  • Pearls $1 each
  • Crystals $1 each
  • Stickers $1 each
  • Stamps $3 each
  • Foils $3 Each
  • Glitter $5
  • Ombre Colors $7
  • Additives $7
  • Effects $7
  • Color Fades $10
  • Shellac $25
  • Silk Wrap Service Testimonials

    • Cheryl H

      “Just moving to an new area is cause for stress.... new hair person, nail person, dentist, doctor.... all the important things! Finding Katy was a blessing. She was able to manage my nails with silk wraps, which I'd had previously. For me silk wraps are the answer. They ensure my own nails are stronger and protect them without the feeling of 'heaviness' that I seem to feel from other choices. As it's applied to the nail in small, extremely thin strip-like layers, then sealed, my nails retain the look of a natural nail, not thick and bulky as many I've seen do. She's applied both regular polish and Gel polish over the wraps and both work well. Thanks Katy for all your time and effort!"

    • Laura G

      "So far this has been the best Salon Experience I've ever had! So thanks! I love the one on one attention, I don't feel rushed and it's less intimidating than a corporate salon. Absolutely loved it! I will definitely be telling my sisters and friends about this !"

    • Lauren D

      "I loved the hand massage & expertise"

    • Samantha B

      "Honestly there is nothing that would have made my experience more amazing than it was. So Thank You!!!!"

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